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Shipping available all across Canada
Shipping available all across Canada

Middleby Marshall X55 - Electric Conveyor Oven - 32" Wide Belt, 55" Cooking Chamber

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A stackable electric conveyor oven made in America

The Middleby Marshall X55 is Middleby’s newest offering of conveyor oven. This conveyor oven – sometimes referred to as an impinger oven – has a belt that’s 90.8-inches long, and a chamber that’s 55-inches long. Out of all the conveyor ovens we offer on our website, this has one of the largest belts and chambers; however, the machine is an ergonomic offering compared to other Middleby Marshall models. Overall dimensions (WDH) sit at 90.78” x 59.20” x 43.22”, and the oven can be stackable up to three high.

The Middleby Marshall X-Series saves on energy costs by baking at a lower temperature than more traditional conveyor ovens. The standard bake operating temperature for this model is 149° to 315° Celsius (300° to 600° Fahrenheit). Additionally, the oven can bake faster than other models. The average time range for baking ranges from 1 – 20 minutes.

Other features of the X55 conveyor oven include quiet operation, and an insulated front of the oven so it remains cool-to-the-touch during the cooking process. It is electric. Also, all its parts can be removed for easy cleaning. Last but certainly not least, this oven is made in America!

Middleby Marshall ovens are known across North America as the standard choice for most pizza restaurants. More traditional deck ovens can be hard for less experienced staff to operate, but with a Middleby Marshall conveyor oven, someone who has little training will be able to cook pizzas, calzones, etc. All they have to do is place the food on the conveyor.


      • Made in America
      • Cooks at lower temperatures without sacrificing baking speed
      • Overall dimensions (WDH) 90.78" x 59.20" x 43.22"
      • Electric
      • 90.78-inch long cooking belt
      • 55-inch cooking chamber
      • Baking time range of 1 - 20 minutes
      • Reversible conveyor belt provides automatic delivery of product
      • Front-loading, cool-to-the-touch window
      • Stackable up to three high
      • Parts can be easily removed for cleaning


Model X55
Brand Middleby Marshall
Dimensions (WDH) 90.78" x 59.20" x 43.22"
Belt Length 90.78"
Chamber Width 55"
Electrical 208, 240v / 50, 60 Hz / 1 phase / 15, 13 amps

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